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VALOR Speaker on Podiums: First Impressions

Known as SCAUDIOPHILE on most forums & Instagram and ZEPHYR24069 on Audiogon and owning one of the most impressive systems we have ever seen, we were delighted when he wrote to give us this fantastic update on his first impressions of the Townshend Podiums.

“Good day!

I am very happy to report that on Saturday morning, we got my Townshend Audio podium installed.  

Please pardon the blue tape, which has yet to be removed from the floor and was used to mark the ideal target position for the shadow of the VALOR speaker plinth.

The system was fully powered off for about one-half of a day, as you can imagine; even after installation, bringing the system back from more than half a day of full power down, power conditioners, LPSU, and clock all included and only back up and running for 15 minutes, to say they improved my musical and sonic playback experience,

They look amazing and perform to promise, which would be an understatement!

They have far exceeded any expectations I had and have markedly improved every single aspect of playback, including bass clarity, speed and tonal accuracy, of course, all the way up through large improvements in mid-bass, midrange and treble clarity,  total imaging,  soundstage depth and density, etc.. In short, they have elevated what was already a great sounding system even further by positively affecting EVERY element of the performance and playback of the speakers!

Absolutely incredible!  David Elrod of ELROD Power Systems (Artisan audio power cord, interconnect and speaker cable manufacturer) is a close personal friend, and we frequently listen to music in each others’ systems) was here to help and stayed for many enjoyable hours of listening.  We were both quite literally speechless at the total and transformative effect these podiums have on my system.

The podiums’ design and cutting/finishing are perfection. The load cells are ideal and perfectly calibrated to the load profile of the Legacy Valor speakers, as planned.  

Thank you for providing such an excellent product with sonic benefits and PERFORMS WELL BEYOND PROMISE!!!


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