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Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Podium WELCOMING GOOD VIBES, BANISHING BAD :Paul Seydor

Tracking Angle April 2024

Townshend Audio’s Seismic Isolation Podiums, as reviewed by the esteemed  Michael Fremer’s online audiophile magazine TRACKING ANGLE! Paul Seydor is a highly respected critic renowned within the realm of audiophiles, contributing to one of America’s premier audiophile publications. Amidst the array of cutting-edge equipment, his four-legged companion Dash is a standard poodle rescued from China. Components such as the Garrard 301 turntable, Luxman PD191A, and Benchmark AHB-2 amplifier. For serious music listening, a throw is tossed over the TV display.

"Yes, in most circumstances I would not be in the least surprised that Townshend Podiums decisively smoke any other forms of isolation or decoupling."

By way of wrap up, allow me to put this review in perspective: no accessory I’ve ever purchased in my several decades as an audiophile—no tips, spikes, pucks, pods, pads, bricks, blocks, stands, platforms, weights, dampers, certainly no wire products of any sort including line conditioners and filters—has brought the transformative improvements that the Podiums have, and with absolutely no negative consequences. When Neil Gader, my colleague at The Absolute Sound, reviewed the Podiums, he concluded, “Townshend’s Seismic Isolation Podiums registered on my own personal Richter Scale like few so-called ‘accessories’ I’ve ever experienced.” Those quotation marks around “accessories” were intended, Neil told me, to suggest the Podium is something of greater importance than a mere accessory. I concur completely but will state it less elegantly: for me, they are not accessories, but necessities that will remain a permanent fixture in any serious sound system I have. I’m already exploring the possibility of a set custom made for my QUAD ESL-57s!

Complete system:
Townshend Seismic Isolation under Harbeth, Garrard 301, SME M2-12R, with Denon 103pickup; Ortofon transformer, Musical Surroundings Phenomena III phono stage; Luxman PD191A with DS Audio E1 pickup.
Second shelf:
Benchmark LA4 preamplifier; equalizer, RIAA preamp for DS Audio E1; Benchmark DAC3; BluOs Node 2i music server; Oppo Blu-ray player (used for Blu-ray and transport for DAC3); Luxman D-07X SACD/CD/MQA disc player and DAC. Benchmark AHB-2 amplifier.
Picture of HIFI MUSE

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