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My review of Townshend F1 Fractal Speaker cables on Audiogon Forum

My review of Townshend F1 Fractal Speaker cables

First, I just want to make it clear I have no affiliation with Townshend Audio and no financial reason to do this review.

In the past year or so I have purchased a lot of Townshend isolation products and have been quite impressed with the results I’ve obtained within the context of my system. I have chatted quite a bit with John Hannant, Townshend rep, about my needs and he has always been helpful and friendly to talk too. While we were talking one day, he mentioned I should try their Fractal F1 speaker cables. He explained what went into the cables and how he believes they are the best cables he has heard, and he says he has heard them all. I pointed out to him I have no intention of buying new speaker cables and that I was happy with what I have. Though, I’m a believer in what good cables can do; I have also bought many cables based on their hype only to find out they weren’t right for my system and had to take a huge loss on reselling them. I told John this, but he kept insisting that I at least try them. I made it clear to him that if the cables aren’t what he claims, and I don’t hear a significant improvement (not just different) I would be returning them. He was so confident that I would like them he agreed to pay return shipping if I didn’t think they were as good as he stated.

I received the cables well packed in high quality flight cases within 2 weeks without issues. I used my cable cooker for 3 days prior to hooking them up. My speakers are Focal Maestro EVO’s, and I needed 2 prs for Bi-Wire. My initial response with the cables in my system was very positive and it continued to grow as the cables settled in. Sonically my first impression of the cables was I was hearing the whole package with everything placed in the right context (imaging) of the recording with nothing exaggerated Frequency wise. Some cables are so balanced they sound dull and lifeless, not these cables. I never felt they were lacking and the need for more frequency range. Back to what I previously mentioned, the whole package, these cables give you the right amount without the harshness and bloat associated with excessive frequency response and do that with a balanced sound.  Never did I feel I wasn’t hearing everything the music had to offer. How John explained it: It’s the impedance matching of the cable that gives the cable such a balance sound and ease of flow.   Another area where these cables really shine is with timing. Everything arrives without any delay or sluggishness. I have owned network cables from MIT and Transparent and the F1s excel at timing as good or even better than those cables.   I have saved the best for last; I have never heard the degree of silence the way these cables reduce the noise level. How these cables reduce the non-music noise level to basically zero without any loss of detail, transparency and air is what impresses me the most about these cables. To do this without any signal loss is their defining characteristic.

If you’re looking for hyper detail in your face type of sound these cables are not for you. On the other hand, if you like to hear music presented in a way that sounds most natural, without any loss of air, detail, and transparency I recommend you give Townshend F1 cables serious consideration. They are that good! Read the review on Audiogon:


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