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Hi-Pigs’s Janine Elliot Reviews The Isolda Cable

Max Townshend, a renowned figure in the audio industry, has consistently pushed the boundaries of audio equipment with his innovative and sometimes controversial products. Janine Elliot recently reviewed the Townshend Isolda speaker cables for HiFi Pig, discovering how these uniquely crafted cables can transform the listening experience.

The Townshend Isolda cables, priced at £1141 for a 3-meter pair, have been on the market since 1993 and remain popular despite newer models. Elliot’s review highlights the meticulous construction and design principles that set these cables apart. The cables feature flat, closely positioned copper strips with polyester insulation, creating a low impedance of 18 ohms. This design aims to minimize distortion and improve the clarity of audio signals, an approach rooted in the theories of impedance matching.

In her listening tests, Elliot found that the Isolda cables excelled in delivering a natural and controlled sound across all frequencies. Unlike many cables that artificially enhance high frequencies, the Isolda provided a balanced and realistic audio presentation. This clarity allowed previously harsh tracks to become enjoyable, even at high volumes. Specific examples included London Grammar’s “Rooting for You,” where the vocals and bass were rendered with exceptional realism, and Alan Parson’s “Eye in the Sky,” where the cable’s transient speed and detail shone through.

Elliot praised the cables for their ability to bring out the best in various musical genres, from classical to jazz, highlighting their extended bass and precise top-end control. Despite their higher price, she concluded that the Townshend Isolda cables offer excellent value for those seeking a significant upgrade to their audio system, providing an honest and fatigue-free listening experience. Read the full review here:

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