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The Best Speaker Cable Of The Year 2023 – THE EAR

The Best Cable of The Year 2023

You owe it to yourself to try either these or the company’s F1 Fractal cables, but be warned: you may not want to return to go back.

Townshend Isolda Speaker Cable Wins Best Speaker Cable of the Year

The audio world has a new champion in speaker cables: the Townshend Isolda Speaker Cable. Recently awarded the prestigious title of Best Speaker Cable of the Year, this accolade is a testament to its unparalleled performance and natural sound quality.

The Ear Online has relied on the Townshend Isolda Speaker Cable for two decades as their reference cable. This long-standing relationship speaks volumes about the cable’s consistent quality and reliability. Editor-at-large Jason Kennedy and writer Chris Baillie have utilised the Isolda cable extensively, trusting it to deliver the best and most natural sound possible. Their extensive use of the Isolda cable ensures that every product they review is tested with the highest quality signal path, providing accurate and honest evaluations.

A Decade of Trust and Excellence

The Townshend Isolda Speaker Cable has been the cornerstone of The Ear Online‘s review process. Its consistent performance has allowed Kennedy and Baillie to focus on the nuances of the products they test, secure in the knowledge that their reference cable is beyond reproach. This trust is not easily earned; it is a result of the cable’s ability to deliver exceptional detail, texture, and musical realism, time and time again.

The Benchmark of Natural Sound

What sets the Townshend Isolda apart from its competitors is its natural sound quality. Many audiophiles and industry professionals agree that the true test of a great speaker cable is its ability to disappear from the audio chain, acting as a transparent conduit for the music. The Isolda cable excels in this regard, offering coherent bass notes, crystal-clear high frequencies, and a perfectly balanced midrange. This neutrality and transparency allow the music to shine in its truest form, free from coloration or distortion.

Award-Winning Performance

Winning the Best Speaker Cable of the Year award is a significant achievement, reflecting the high regard in which the Townshend Isolda is held within the audio community. This recognition is a celebration of the cable’s outstanding design and engineering, which deliver a listening experience that is both immersive and authentic.


The Townshend Isolda Speaker Cable’s decade-long use as a reference by The Ear Online is a powerful endorsement of its quality and performance. By providing the best and most natural sound, the Isolda cable has set a benchmark in the industry. This latest award reaffirms its position as a leading choice for audiophiles seeking the ultimate in high-fidelity sound reproduction.

For those serious about their hi-fi setups, investing in the Townshend Isolda Speaker Cable is a decision that promises to enhance their listening experience, ensuring every note is delivered with the utmost clarity and realism.

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