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Staverton, UK National Audio Show 2023

U.K's National Audio Show 23'

The weekend of October 8th marked yet another extraordinary collaboration between Kerr Acoustic and Townshend Audio at the renowned Starvation National Audio Show.

At the heart of this auditory extravaganza was the Rock MKII, complete with a front-end trough, delivering the sweet symphony of vinyl in its purest form. The Rock MKII’s unique ability to quell any headshell vibrations left audiophiles spellbound, and its playback quality was nothing short of clinical precision.

In days gone by, some critics found fault with the Rock, likening its accuracy to a CD-like experience, eliminating the pops and crackles often associated with vinyl playback. However, it was precisely this precision that set it apart.

When the Rock wasn’t enchanting listeners with its vinyl wizardry, the room was treated to the debut of the Townshend Max DAC, whose sleek new chassis wasn’t quite ready for prime time, but its internal mechanisms were complete and set to impress.

The secret to its stunning sound lay in meticulous attention to power supplies, combined with a unique reliance on transformers for the output stage instead of op-amps.
But the innovations didn’t stop there. Attendees were captivated by a cable testing machine, which Max employed to demonstrate the distortion-free nature of his impedance-matched cables. The Seismic Podiums took centre stage as well, showcasing their remarkable isolation capabilities, clearly evident through the accelerometer app placed on tablets atop the speakers. The Townshend design nearly eradicated ground vibrations, preserving the cones’ ability to reproduce sound with astonishing accuracy.
As the event unfolded, the eagerly anticipated launch of Kerr Acoustic speakers filled the room with powerful, club-like vibes, leaving attendees with no doubts about the sheer sonic prowess of these speakers. The setting resembled a chic club members’ bar, where audio enthusiasts revelled in the fusion of art and engineering, a harmonious symphony for the senses.

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