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Meet Matt Mcnaulty AKA The Rock Doc

Discovering the RockDoc: Matt McNulty's 35-Year Audio Odyssey



Matt McNulty, affectionately known as “the RockDoc,” has been captivated by audio and turntables for over 35 years. As both an engineer and an avid enthusiast, he has embraced his passion for the mechanics of record replay, dedicating countless hours to perfecting his own and others’ equipment. His journey began with a stint at Celestion, where he served as a line sound quality test engineer and later collaborated with design teams on high-end HiFi loudspeakers.

Matt’s love for Townshend turntables has been a cornerstone of his audio journey. He bought his first Rock II in 1987 and has maintained at least one Rock in his collection ever since, alongside numerous other high-end turntables. Over the years, he has helped many enthusiasts set up their turntables, recognizing that these skills were fading during the rise of CDs and the decline of vinyl. This volunteer work earned him the nickname “The RockDoc,” a term coined by a satisfied customer that has stuck ever since.

Driven by his passion, Matt began renovating Rock turntables, enhancing both their sound and aesthetics with various improvements of his own design. The Townshend family, especially the late Max Townshend, have been staunch supporters of his work. Matt treasures the friendship he formed with them, acknowledging that Max’s exceptional engineering made his hobby and fascination with Townshend turntables possible. Matt is committed to preserving the legacy of the Rock turntables, believing it would be a great loss if they were forgotten.

Today, Matt is the sole approved service agent for Townshend Rock turntables. However, his expertise extends far beyond servicing and restoration. To learn more about his diverse work, click here.

When he’s not immersed in audio projects, Matt continues to work as an engineer, listens to his growing vinyl collection, and enjoys classic cars. He also cherishes time with his friends and family, including his wife Sarah (Mrs. RockDoc, known in HiFi circles for her pies) and their pet Cockatiel, affectionately named “Nutsack.”

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