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Maximum Supertweeter Review from Dagogo –

In high-fidelity audio, the pursuit of sonic perfection knows no bounds. Audiophiles constantly look for ways to enhance their listening experience, whether by upgrading their main speakers, amplifiers, and cables or even exploring niche products like super tweeters. Recently, a review of the Townshend Maximum super tweeters by Dagogo has sparked a new wave of interest in these specialised audio components.

Dan Rubin, upon being introduced to the Kan Sound Lab super tweeter, embarked on a journey of discovery into the world of super tweeters. Designed to complement existing speaker setups by extending the frequency response at the high end, offers a unique listening experience that can elevate the overall sound quality of a system.

Rubin noted subtle yet discernible sonic improvements upon integrating the Townshend Maximum super tweeters into their system. Placed strategically next to their main speakers at tweeter height, the Townshend Maximums added a new dimension to the soundstage, enhancing clarity and detail in the high frequencies. 

As Rubin aptly demonstrates, investing in specialised audio components like the Townshend Maximum super tweeters can yield tangible improvements in sound quality and musical enjoyment. 



"inserting the Townshend Maximum super tweeters into my system immediately created the sensation of a more authentic “live” experience. Being a bit more descriptive, the Maximum immediately expanded the vertical dispersion of the soundstage, similar to many electrostatic speakers. The Townshend Maximums also added a much greater sense of space. This sense of space affected all dimensions: the space between performers, the space above, in front, and behind the performers; and the layering of the performers."

If you have top-notch speakers and amplification and want to see (hear?) something better, the Townshend Maximums may very well be your most cost-effective option. For example, owners of $20k speakers may need to sell them for $12k and spend $25-30k on new speakers. You may very well be able to get the same improvements for $1k. In that case, the Maximum Super Tweeter is a bargain.”

Since my evaluation of the Maximum ST in my main system, I’ve tried it in my secondary system: B&W SCM1 (basically an 805) plus dual NHT-powered subwoofers. The improvements described above were also readily discernible in that system despite the non-optimal placement of the speakers and subs. I concluded that the Townshend will stay regardless of which ST I decide on for my main system because it improves many systems. Definitely recommended.”  

One of the reasons I chose the Townshend Maximum as the next ST to evaluate is that its frequency range extends to 90 kHz. Several others drop out in the 50-60 kHz range (the Kan extends to 100 kHz). My Vivid G1s already extend to 44 kHz, so I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t adding just a bit of high-frequency extension; I wanted to get as close to 100 kHz as possible, or beyond.

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